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YAKINIKU YOSHIJapanese B.B.Q. Restaurant

Japanese BBQ Yoshi,— a place where you can get a taste of Japan. —

Restaurant features for U.S.

Recommended Meat Menu

Wagyu Beef Nigiri (2pc)


When thinking about sushi, normally the consumer will think about Maguro, Hamachi or California rolls. Here at Japanese B.B.Q. Yoshi, we take it to the next level and do beef nigiri. Our meat chef hand selects certain cuts of meat to insure quality and creates these little bites of pleasure. He flash marinades the meat in our house made sweet soy and ever so gently creates the nigiri. He then tops the nigiri with spicy grated daikon radish, garlic paste and green onions to garnish. If you are looking for a little treat, get an order of the Zukke and do it QUICK because we run out fast!

Wagyu Sampler


Our Wagyu sampler features several different cuts of our A4/A5 meat that is hand selected by our meat manager on a daily basis. You can experience a range of different cuts of meat that will leave you speechless. If you order this, you will be able to enjoy a range from soft and tender to juicy and buttery. We highly recommend ordering this dish if this is your first time enjoying Wagyu, so that you can find a cut of meat that you like and order more from there. It also gives you a chance to see the different types of meat that we have to offer. Once you get a taste of Wagyu, it’s really hard to down grade to other cuts of meat.

US Skirt Steak


Yoshi’s outside skirt steak comes from the American Prime grade meat. This part of the cattle is around the diaphragm area and will be a little bit more on the leaner side compared to our other meat. You will find that this meat will be a lot more beefy and juicy compared to other cuts of the cattle. This cut of meat is good for the guests who want to experience good quality as well as a meat that has less fat. Although there is less fat, the prime quality gives it a very tender texture and moist flavor as well. We recommend you enjoy this meat with our house made sweet soy marinate (Tare) when ordering.

Washugyu Steak


Here at Yoshi’s we only like to bring in the best quality that we can get our hands on. And what would a Yakiniku restaurant be without a cut Ribeye? Our American beef will only be USDA Prime cuts. In the United States, “Prime” is the highest grade beef. It has superior tenderness and flavor that all high class steak houses look for. The marbling on this beef is of the highest degree and is taken from younger cattle to insure tenderness. We recommend that you enjoy this cut of meat with Ponzu sauce so that you can enjoy the flavor of the meat.

Thick Cut Pork Belly


Our thick cut pork belly comes from Canada and is made from Black Line (Kurobuta) pork. Black Line pork is a lot higher grade of pork than the standard ones that you find in your grocery store. It is produced in a better environment and is cared for at a higher level. You will find that the Black Line pork is a lot juicer and more flavorful than other typical pork products out there. We flash season ours with sesame oil, garlic paste and salt and pepper. Because of the quality, we recommend cooking it to a medium-well to insure juiciness.

Nodomoto Tongue (Limited Cut)


Our Nodomoto tongue is a premium cut of the beef tongue. It is a part of the cow's tongue that is rarely used therefore creating a soft juicy texture. Because of the quality, we are able to cut the tongue thicker so that you may enjoy it on the medium rare to medium cooking level. We do not always have this cut available because it takes two whole tongues on order to make one order of this one. So please ask your server for availability or reserve this cut when you make you're reservation.

Beef Intestine


We use intestine from a USDA prime beef and keep it very fresh so that the intestine has a lot of collagen. It tastes sweet and delicious with Yoshi's special sauce. Grill the skin first to keep the tasty fatty and then grill the other side and enjoy!

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Shop Data

  • +1-808-773-7013
  • 1316 Young St. Honolulu, HI 96814
  • Opening Hours
    5:00pm - 10:00pm MONDAY thru SUNDAY

There are 16 free parking space

Free transfer from hotel to hotel is available.
Please inquire in detail.
  • 7 minutes from Hilton Waikiki Beach.
  • 9 minutes from Halekulani.
  • 11 minutes from Hyatt Regency.



Restaurant Address
1316 Young St.Honolulu, HI 96814
Opening Hours
5:00pm - 10:00pm MONDAY thru SUNDAY

There are 16 free parking space

Free transfer from hotel to hotel is available.
Please inquire in detail.

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